Canned peaches… can there really be anything better?

So, when I found a recipe last year on the blog, Consider the Pantry, called “The Teaches of Canned Peaches” that included a recipe for *lavender* canned peaches, I was in high heaven! The lavender adds both a taste and smell that is just amazing. And, sadly, that link has been killed as well. 😦 I think you could basically make any normal canned peaches recipe and the key is to take about 1 tablespoon of lavender (food-grade from a spice shop), tie it in some cheese cloth, and put it into your simple syrup while cooking. This site also has a recipe where they pour the lavender directly in, but I personally think eating little lavender buds would be annoying. However, you could likely follow their recipe and just cook the lavender in the honey syrup and then remove it before putting the syrup into the jars.

And of all things to can, this one is pretty darn easy. I’d rank it easier than jam. So it’s a pretty good way to get started into the world of canning, should that be something you’d like to try.

We just got another giant box of peaches from our CSA yesterday, so I’ll be canning more lavender peaches, but I also plan on making some of the brandied ones too. I don’t even know if I like brandy, but this fascinates me. 🙂 (Update: be sure you like brandy. These were *very* strongly flavored and I didn’t like them much because of that).

Peaches waiting to be drowned in yummy lavender syrup!


2 thoughts on “Canned peaches… can there really be anything better?

    • Always happy to share. Did you mean the recipe or the end result? Happy to share both, but I think I linked the recipe on the blog posting itself. The results I can share when you are back in town! 🙂

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