Trying a Trifle

One of my college roommates, Angi, has a food blog, Rice and Wheat, that is light years beyond what this blog ever hopes to be. She recently guest posted on another food blog about making a trifle. The photos she takes are absolutely phenomenal, and it made me very eager to try a trifle of my own! We had some friends coming over for dinner a couple weeks ago, so I thought I would try it for that. I had both peaches and raspberries to add as the fruits, so I was ready to go!

The recipe was actually quite easy to follow. I think I had some issues with the cake, since I’m at altitude and Angi isn’t. So my cake ended up looking a little like a mushroom that exploded.

The trifle after coming out of the oven. Hmm. Not so pretty...

But, conveniently, you chop up the cake before serving, so nobody had to know I had this ugly mushroom-top cake. 🙂
So, I made everything else according to her recipe and was so excited to assemble it all. I had a large bowl, but it didn’t have clear sides, so I thought it would be prettier to get to see all the wonderful cream, custard, cake and fruit from the side. Too bad I didn’t think through it all. I had WAY too much food to fit into the tiny little clear bowl I had. Suffice it to say that it tasted way better than it looked. 🙂 But, luckily, we have very kind friends who kept telling me how great it looked!

The poor finished trifle trying to squeeze itself into this tiny bowl. I'm sure it has self-esteem issues now. But we all told it how good it tasted and it felt better.

So, all in all, it turned out great. But next time I will definitely use the large blue bowl and just deal with the fact that you can’t see all the delicious layers from the side.


4 thoughts on “Trying a Trifle

  1. Hi Mara!!! YAY you have a food blog too! I’m so happy you tried the trifle and actually, I don’t think it was the altitude because I also had a mushroom/muffin-shaped cake. I think it just means we did an awesome job leaving air in the batter. Can’t wait to read more!!

  2. Mara, here’s an idea for the next time you make it. Do you have a covered cake plate? Some of them double as triffle bowls. Mine does. You just turn the plate side upside down, then the lid will fit into the pedestal.

    • Good suggestion, Jim, but I don’t have one. I only have one of those Tupperware cake holders, which wouldn’t work as well. I do have large bowls, but I really wanted to be able to see the stuff from the sides, but I think next time I will just go for having it fit vs. being able to see it from the side!

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