Basil… it’s not just for pesto anymore

We have a plot in our community garden this year, which, unfortunately, due to the fact that the garden wasn’t ready until late, most everything we’ve planted isn’t doing all that well. That is, everything BUT the basil. We planted four different basil plants (two “normal” (aka sweet Italian) basil and two lemon basil plants. And they grew like weeds. So, I’ve already made a batch of pesto, but we don’t eat that much pesto, so I’ve been on the lookout for other interesting recipes to make using basil. Normally I am looking for recipes that use a LOT of it (since I have a lot of it), but when I cam across this recipe for basil ice cream, I couldn’t resist (in spite of only using 3 tablespoons of chopped basil).

While making it, I was a little nervous because the mixer I own (other than the kitchenaid which is just too large for this recipe) only can mix on high speed (it basically got dropped years ago while my sister and I were making something, and ever since then only the highest speed works on it). Yes, I should just get a new mixer, but it still works… well, sort of. Anyway, so while making this recipe, I was worried that I had foam instead of milk and egg, so was a little worried that it wouldn’t turn out ok, but it did. And, I must say, it’s delicious! Some of the reviews said it tasted like pot. Well, having never tasted pot, I can’t say if that’s true or not, but I can say it’s quite tasty. Not as sweet as most desserts, and a much more subtle flavor. And a lovely light green color with flecks of green basil in it. So, will I make it again? Most definitely. After all, this batch probably won’t last long and I’m sure in mid winter when I’m craving ice cream (while bundled under a quilt), I will long for this fresh Summer taste of basil, and will be glad I made some extra batches. 🙂

Such a beautiful green color before adding the cream and freezing

Makes me think of the Bill Cosby sketch when he's trying to convince himself that feeding his kids chocolate cake for breakfast is a good idea. Milk! Eggs! Basil! These are all healthy!


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