Now I know what to do with my star anise… plum jam!

I recently found a recipe online from one of my favorite canning sites that completely piqued my interest. I have never really been a huge fan of anise, mostly because I don’t like licorice at all and the flavor completely reminds me of it. However, seeing a recipe that was for plum jam and had a hint of anise in it definitely got me curious. And the fact that she paired it with cheese? I’m sold.

So, tonight we canned 20 of the 25 lbs of plums we got recently. I never knew how much time it took to cut apart 20 lbs of plums until today. Holy cannolli. Luckily the jam doesn’t require 20+ lbs of plums, so you should definitely try it! I made a double batch and am thinking I might use some of the remaining 5 lbs we have to make another double batch since this stuff was delicious! And I couldn’t get over what a beautiful red color it was. Unlike anything I had ever seen before. My pathetic photo doesn’t do it justice.

But, before I forget, you can find the recipe here. I am looking forward to making it again tomorrow (and licking the pot once it’s cool enough). 🙂

My pathetic iPhone photo doesn't show just how deep of a red color this jam is. It was amazing.




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