Making my own ketchup… and it’s green!

Last year a friend of mine asked me to help her learn how to can. She had been growing green zebra tomatoes and thought it would be fun to make green ketchup for her son (who loved ketchup and the color green). The ketchup turned out DELICIOUS (rather like a gourmet ketchup!) but apparently her son wasn’t too pleased and said it tasted too “sparkly” (which I adore). My guess is it was the dill he didn’t like too much, but for me it totally made it!

So, this year we grew 3 green zebra tomato plants and I made the same green zebra ketchup recipe. I was so pleased and had all kinds of ketchup to can. And one of my half-pint jars broke while canning it. Which made me ever-so-sad. Luckily I still have lots of it left, but it was such a waste! Alas.

Anyway, I would highly recommend this recipe to anyone who is drowning in tomatoes and doesn’t know what to do with all of them. This was a great recipe and we love using this ketchup on everything. The hardest part of the recipe is patiently waiting for it to thicken up as you cook it. Other than that, it’s really quick easy! Especially since you don’t have to peel or de-seed the tomatoes! Perhaps the thing I was most pleased about is that I got to use garlic, onions and tomatoes that we had grown in our garden. All local, fresh and organically raised! Wahoo!

You’ll note in the photos that I made two separate batches and the color difference it goes through (from light to dark) as you cook it longer. I tried to show how thick it was once done as well. Hopefully you can tell!


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