Carrots, carrots and more carrots

My CSA has recently been delivering us tons and tons of carrots. The good news is they keep really well. The other good news is this soup recipe which I tasted years and years ago uses a full pound of them, so it means I can use up the carrots pretty quickly.

This recipe is for a Szechwan Carrot Soup. What I like about it is both that it’s incredibly easy to make and very flavorful (I like spicy, and this uses a little bit of red pepper flakes. I always add about twice what the recipe says and it’s still not super spicy). The other great thing that I finally did this time was make the cream sauce topping (using some creme fraiche that I had left over from a different recipe that I made). đŸ™‚ I must say, it definitely added an element to the soup that I had never had before, but I wouldn’t say rush out and buy cream and sour cream to make it. But, if you have it around, it’s worth adding to the finished product. is one of my favorite sites to find tasty recipes (I even use the iphone app all the time). Hope you enjoy this recipe!

It’s a little hard to see the beautiful orange of this soup in this photo, but it really is pretty. I use an imersion blender to make it smooth, but you could use a blender. I just think that’s a pain and I do love the easy quick function of an imersion blender!


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